Black Frost – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden Guide

Black Frost is a Persona of the Fool arcana. It specializes in the Darkness element. Its default level is

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Let’s Play #13 – Black Frost [Blind]


Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Defeat the Intolerant Officer at the Steamy Bathhouse [Part 27]

The Intolerant Officer is a powerful shadow taking up residence in the Steamy Bathhouse. The group returns to clear it out. Defeating this shadow gives Kanji a unique weapon, and a courage boost to Ren.

Back home, Ren spends time with Nanako, who is having a hard time with feelings of belonging with her family. Yukiko is being hounded by local media, who badly want to run a story featuring her as the alluring innkeeper in her family inn. Dojima is spending his free time obsessively searching for something, and rushes out in the middle of the night to receive a mysterious sealed letter, leaving Ren to care for an ailing Nanako. Ready to play classic games without the hassle of setting up emulators? Try emulator online unblocked platform and start gaming instantly!

Persona 4 Golden – Black Frost gonna have to smack a baby

I’m not afraid to smack

Ranking The Persona 4 Golden Party Members in Battle

Persona 4 Golden has a pretty balanced cast overall when it comes to combat, but who stands among the rest?
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0:00​​ – Intro
0:50​​ – #7
2:48 – #6
4:12 – #5
5:22 – #4
6:50 – #3
8:24 – #2
9:38 – #1
11:16 – Outro

Do you value team synergy over how self-reliant a character is? Or maybe being able to deal spread damage is more important than being stronger in boss fights? Furthermore, this list will be strictly focused on Golden, which I need to note because a lot of characters received additional skills that did impact their placement on the list. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

All music used is each characters respective Persona 4 Arena theme, as well as Deduction from P4, and Mind of a Thief from Mother 3 for the Intro and Outro!

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