Ash of War – Storm Blade – Elden Ring Guide

The Ash of War – Storm Blade is one of the many equippable Ash of War Weapon Skills found throughout Elden Ring, and one that you can equip to your weapon to

Ash Of War: Cragblade Full Guide – Where to find, Stats, use – Elden Ring Field Guide

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Ash of War: Storm Blade – Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Storm Blade:
. Dropped by Grave Warden in Murkwater Catacombs, Limgrave.
. Sold by Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack for 1,800 er runes 13. Elden Ring Map Link.
. Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold after giving them Bernahl’s Bell Bearing.

. Grants Storm Blade all standard slashing weapons.
. Provides the Quality affinity, which balances Strength and Dexterity Scaling, and decreases Base damage
. Usable on Swords (Colossal Weapons and Twinblades excepted).

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Elden Ring – All 5 Whetblade Locations (+Affinities, Ashes of War & Damage Scaling Explained)

All 5 Whetblades In Elden Ring ✅ Damage Scaling Multipliers Explained ✅ Ash of War Skills Explained ✅ Affinities Explained ✅

In this Elden Ring guide, ill be revealing the exact locations of all 5 Whetblades, the Iron Whetblade, Glintstone Whetblade, Red-Hot Whetblade, Sanctified Whetblade, and Black Whetblade.

Each Whetblade unlocks specific Affinities allowing you to fully customise your standard weapons to perfectly suit any build or playstyle, as well as adding various elemental buffs and status effects. Ill be explaining all of this, indepth in this video.

A Key Item known as the Whetstone Knife is required to unlock this entire customisation mechanic, which is also revealed in the video as its easily missed.

Hope you enjoy!

Charts pulled from the FEXTRALIFE WIKI website:

00:00 – Ash of War Explanation and Demonstration
01:12 – Where to get the Whetstone Knife and its use Explained
02:17 – Where to acquire new Ash of War Skills / Weapon Arts
03:10 – Unique Special Weapons and Standard Weapons Explained
04:14 – Damage Scaling Multipliers Explained (Grades S, A, B, C, D, E)
06:19 – Affinities Explained
07:19 – Whetblades Explained (Iron, Glintstone, Red-Hot, Sanctified, Black)
07:50 – Iron Whetblade Location and its uses Explained (Heavy, Keen and Quality Affinities)
09:30 – Glintstone Whetblade Location and its uses Explained (Magic and Cold Affinities)
11:57 – Red-Hot Whetblade Location and its uses Explained (Fire and Flame Art Affinities)
13:29 – Sanctified Whetblade Location and its uses Explained (Lightning and Sacred Affinities)
16:29 – Black Whetblade Location and its uses Explained (Poison, Blood and Occult Affinities)

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ALL SKILLS in Elden Ring: Complete Guide to all Weapon Arts, Ashes of War and Skills (Network Test)

ALL SKILLS in Elden Ring: Complete Guide to all Weapon Arts, Ashes of War, and Skills in the Network Test, In this Elden Ring video, we’re gonna be going through all of the Weapon Arts or skills that you can use and acquire during the Network Test.

Elden Ring Wiki:
Elden Ring Stats:
Elden Ring Classes:
Elden Ring Network Test:

0:00 – Elden Ring ALL WEAPON ARTS
0:19 – What Are Skills
2:06 – Barricade Shield
3:35 – Reduvia Blood Blade
2:56 – Brave War Cry
3:09 – Buckler Parry
3:24 – Carian Glintsword
3:44 – Charge Forth
3:56 – Firing Position
4:26 – Frenzy
4:43 – Glintsword Arch
5:18 – Gravitas
5:38 – Hailstorm Sword
6:05 – Holy Ground
6:37 – Ordovis’ Vortex
7:03 – Parry
7:13 – Piercing Fang
7:43 – Repeating Thrust
7:54 – Sorcerer Hunter
8:22 – Spinning Slash
8:35 – Square Off
8:56 – Storm Blade
9:22 – Storm Stomp
9:37 – Thunderbolt
9:56 – Determination
10:14 – Torch Attack
10:29 – Step in (Upward Cut)
10:45 – Final Thoughts

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